Results & Reports From A CCTV Drain Survey

Following on from our previous post covering what is involved in a drain survey, this blog looks into the type of documentation and reporting you will receive after the survey has been carried out. This allows you to become familiar with how the results will be reported so you know the exact condition of your Read More »

Identifying Pitch Fibre Pipes

For people who don’t work in the industry, knowing what function different types of pipes  carry out at  our properties is unlikely – to many, they’re just a way of carrying  our water and waste away from the premises. However, plumbing systems are in reality sophisticated networks that play a crucial role in maintaining clean, Read More »

Are London’s rodent worries rat-ional?

Rats live in every city, most of the time out of sight, with the stereotypical view of a rat being something that lives in the sewers, occasionally scuttling down a road at night. However, while the saying “you’re never more than six feet away from a rat” might be something of an exaggeration, there’s certainly Read More »

CCTV drain surveys for flats / apartments

CCTV drain surveys are used in homes and businesses with great success. What can be confusing, however, is who is responsible for arranging such a survey, specifically in a flat or apartment. An added problem that comes with drainage issues in a multiple-occupancy building is the amount of people it can affect. Drain problems are Read More »