What Causes Collapsed Drains?

collapsed drain

Collapsed drains are not only messy and unhygienic but can cause severe and wide-spread disruptions. A drain that is unable to flow freely can force water to escape elsewhere in the surrounding ground. This can introduce damp patches in walls and floors of nearby buildings, unpleasant odours, slow drains, strange-looking patches of grass, sewage accumulation, Read More »

How to tell if my drains are blocked

Man Using Plunger in Kitchen Sink

Often, drain blockages are difficult to identify. Some may be located deep inside your pipes, making home remedy a useless exercise. If you suspect your drainage system is suffering, it’s vital to know what clues to look out for. In this article, we cover the most common signs that your drains are blocked. This way, Read More »

Unblocktober: The Action Month to Save our Seas (And our Sewers)

Closeup of Whirlpool of Water Around a Sink Drain

Believe it or not, your home plugholes directly impact the oceans. With plastics, grease and oil making their way through drainage systems every day, sometimes we don’t consider where they’re going to.  Introducing Unblocktober – a national campaign and action month to improve the health of sewers, drains, water courses and seas, and it’s up Read More »

Your Drain Clogging Guide: Room By Room

Kitchen Sink Running Tap

Wherever there are drains on your property, there is a chance of blockage. Remember, no matter how careful we are with what enters your drains, drain clogging can be an unavoidable truth of owning a home. In this guide, we will be focusing on key rooms of the house that most commonly experience drain blockages, Read More »