Drainage Issues & Insurance Claims

Running throughout our homes and businesses, transporting water and waste frequently each day, drains are a key part of our properties. Unfortunately, they’re not invincible, and they will encounter a problem or two at some point in their useful life. What’s important is how quickly drain problems can be resolved, how they are rectifiable and Read More »

What’s involved in a CCTV drain survey?

Drain survey reports are a very useful process for prospective homeowners and long-term tenants alike. Despite their importance to all buildings, drains aren’t often at the top of people’s lists when it comes to checking over their houses. However, by arranging for a professional to visit your property and survey your drain system, any issues Read More »

Identifying Private & Lateral Drains

Drains and sewers run throughout the country, under homes, businesses and roads, operating without so much as a second thought from us. That is, until they stop working properly or completely break, at which point it’ll be a huge inconvenience for people. However, while you may think that drains and sewers are entirely public owned, there Read More »

Does Your Business Suffer These Weak Spots in Its Drainage?

Commercial drainage can be rife with all sorts of undetected damages and faults that can lead to the disruption of your business and financial loss. There are some key weak spots that you should have checked on your property to prevent your drainage becoming a problem for your business, which we’ll run over in this Read More »

Should I attempt a DIY drain survey?

A drain survey is a fantastic way of checking out the condition of your drainage and locating any blockages, leaks or potential problems. However, you may be wondering if it is worthwhile to attempt to perform a DIY drain survey rather than use a professional service. Here we’ll run through the potential costs of a Read More »