Domestic CCTV Drain Surveys

Discovering that your drain is blocked can be frustrating and worrying. The hardest part is knowing what caused the blockage in the first place! But that’s where our expert team come in.

Residential drain surveys are the ideal way to establish the cause and extent of a blockage. Whether you’re buying a new property and want to make sure the drains are clear and in good repair before you take the plunge, you need to know if there’s a problem in your drainage system, or you’ve recently had your drain unblocked and want to make sure there’s no structural damage, our domestic CCTV drain surveys provide the solution.

Our high-tech cameras can identify the cause of any faults, including leaks and blockages so that we’re better able to repair them in the most suitable way. We can even supply you with a digital copy of the survey!

When should I use CCTV Drain Surveys?

Domestic CCTV Drain Surveys can be undertaken when there are suspected blockages in the pipes. CCTV surveying helps identify the obstruction so that it can be removed in the most efficient way possible.

Other Situations where CCTVing can assist you

  • Your home is experiencing permanent blockages and common methods do not help;
  • You suspect the blockage is being caused by a negligent neighbour;
  • You’re planning an extension or want to re-line the pipe;
  • You suspect a broken pipe and want to localise the problem;
  • You’re planning to buy a house and want to be sure about the sewer system.

How much does a domestic CCTV drain survey cost?

The advantage of a CCTV drain survey is that there is often no need to dig to access the pipes, meaning significant savings. Our experts can give the price upfront, with no hidden charges. The price you’ll pay for your CCTV drain survey will be affected by several factors. They include:

  • The size and type of property;
  • The length and complexity of the drainage system;
  • Types of blockages;
  • Access to the drains.

So it is important to speak to our experts for a more specific idea of the work you need and the associated costs.

We work with Insurance Companies

Additional costs for some sewer problems can be covered by your building’s insurance.

When a survey reveals recordable defects, Express Drainage Surveys can deal with your insurance company directly, supplying a fixed quotation as well as necessary evidence to validate the claim.

Please view our CCTV drain footage gallery to see the clarity of a CCTV survey and examples of still images supplied within our comprehensive reports.

Pre & Post Purchase Drain Surveys

It’s important not to skip getting a sewer survey done when checking a house before buying. It’s all too common for drain problems to then occur later down the line. Pre-purchase CCTV Drain Surveys can highlight any potential issues for you before it’s too late.

Find out more information on our homebuyer/pre-purchase CCTV drain surveys.

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We accept all major credit cards