Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-Safe Measures

Our priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of staff and customers alike, while still delivering our essential drainage services with total efficiency. To ensure our operations run smoothly and safely during the coronavirus situation, we’ve put measures in place to protect everyone involved in our day-to-day running.

Just some of our COVID-19 measures include:

  • Staff checked for symptoms every morning
  • Tools and vehicles sanitised every morning and prior to every job
  • We only use merchants and stockists who enforce social distancing
  • Customers called or texted prior to a visit to give you time to prepare
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers are kept in all vehicles
  • No access to your premises is required to transact with us
  • Paper suits, gloves and face masks are worn during our visit
  • We only accept remote payment methods

If you have any further questions regarding our coronavirus safety measures, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask.

What type of survey would I need for a home buyers survey?

For a home buyers’ survey, you’d need a fully comprehensive survey to be carried out. With this survey, you would receive a full report of the drainage system in your new home, which you can then pass on to your insurance provider.

I have rodent problems, how do I stop them entering the property?

Our ‘Look and See’ surveys allow us to identify the exact location that rodents are entering your property from. Once we’ve identified this area, we can devise the best possible permanent solution and offer you a quotation for the solution.

If the drainage run which needs surveying is on a building site or demolition site, will this affect the survey?

As long as we can access all manholes on the site, this won’t be a problem. However, in the event that we need to carry out a site induction, there will be a charge.

Are there different pipes and if so how will this affect the survey and price?

Pipes take many different sizes, with the most common being 100mm. These pipes are often found in domestic properties and would be surveyed using a push camera. Where pipes are perhaps smaller or angled, a mini cam may be required - both of these cameras are charged at a standard fee. For larger pipes, typically 150mm - 225mm and situated on commercial sites, we would use a crawler unit. Due to the added complexity of this method, an additional fee would be charged.

What are your opening hours?

You can call us 7 days a week, between the hours of 6am - midnight. In emergencies, our fast response services can be with you in as little as 60 minutes.

When do I make a payment?

Payment is required upon completion of the job, which you will be informed of by the engineer. If for any reason you cannot be on-site when the job is completed, we will take your card details upon booking, and we’ll charge you when we have finished. We accept payments from debit cards, credit cards and in cash.

How far do you cover?

We serve customers across South East England. We have engineer points around the region to minimise travel time - for more information, see our coverage areas.

Do you charge for callouts?

No - all our work is priced up and quoted over the phone

What guarantees do you offer?

We offer several guarantees: 10 years’ guarantee on manufacturer products, 10 years’ guarantee on drain relining work and five years’ guarantee on drain installations and excavations.

Do you offer accounts for ongoing work?

For the first invoice, payment is required upon completion of the job. For any further services, we can issue an account form for you to complete and return, so that any further payments can be completed swiftly and easily.

These accounts are subject to credit checks and payments are required 30 days from the date of invoice. For more information, please contact our operations team via email

We accept all major credit cards

Credit Cards