CCTV Drain Surveys for Rats

Rodent infestation in drain pipes is a serious problem for homeowners, as it entails financial costs, as well as health risks for the occupants. Express Drainage Survey’s drainage specialists will help you to determine the site of infestation, entry points and solutions to solve the problem.

Rat detection drain survey

If you suspect the presence of rats or other rodents in your sewer (by characteristic sounds, unpleasant smell, etc.), a CCTV surveys of your pipes will be the best solution. This is guaranteed to help establish the presence of rats in the sewers and determine entry points. Using the material obtained during the survey, you can find the right solution for the problem.

Express Drain Surveys Services

  • Investigation of sewer problems;
  • Search for pests and identification of entry routes;
  • Reporting, recommendations and advice to fix the problem and prevent its occurrence in the future;
  • Installation of rat blockers, sealing entrances.

Why us?

Express Drainage Surveys has 20 years of experience in drainage surveys. Our team consists of professionals who, working with specialist equipment, will help you solve pest problems for good.

We are proud to offer customers the best service with no hidden costs. Contact us to get expert advice today.

We accept all major credit cards

We accept all major credit cards