Pre-Purchase Drain Surveys Explained

When buying a property, the drains may not be the first thing you think about. This type of inspection is often overlooked but it’s still advisable to carry out a pre-purchase drain survey just like roof, plumbing, electrical, and central heating surveys. The optimal function of your new property’s drains is not just important for your home, but it can also save you money as a fault in the drainage system can be expensive to sort out after a property purchase goes through.

Spotting potential problems prior to a purchase

CCTV drain survey equipment

The performance of drains can be compromised through cracked pipes, root ingress, or blockages. These kinds of problems are a nightmare to fix by homeowners, especially when left neglected. Drainage repair can be costly and as such, the new purchaser may be forced to default on their mortgage.

What are the advantages of a pre-purchase drains survey?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of obtaining a pre-purchase survey is the fact that, should a problem arise before you move into your new home, any costs involved can be covered by the current homeowner’s insurance policy. Once you’ve signed the completion papers and moved into the property, you’ll be responsible for meeting up the costs yourself. It is therefore advantageous to pay a one-off price for a drain survey in order to avoid potential problems later on.

What is involved in a drains survey and who conducts it?

Drain surveyors

When it comes to drains, the surveyor cannot inspect the condition below ground unless they use special equipment. This is why it’s important to contact a drains specialist who has access to CCTV equipment in order to carry out the inspection. When buying a new home or selling it, the mortgage company or a structural surveyor will most likely request to see a pre-purchase drainage report at short notice. This report is often required prior to exchanging contracts.



To book such a survey, you can simply contact Express Drainage Surveys and arrange a suitable time. A homebuyers drain survey doesn’t take much time to carry out, as we use a non-invasive technique of passing a CCTV drain survey camera through the drainage system.

The innovative CCTV technology allows our specialists to view and identify the signs of damage, cracks, or debris buildup in real time. A DVD recording will be provided which is proof that a thorough inspection of the drains system has been carried out by professionals on behalf of the homeowner.