Creatures that can climb up the toilet!

Keeping drains and pipework in good condition is vital for the effective operation of any drainage system. However, regular maintenance is important for other reasons, too, as damage in drains can provide an entry point for a few uninvited guests…

We’ve all heard the horror stories of animals accessing drainage systems and consequently finding a way out into people’s homes through the toilet. These tales may be extremely rare (and often the domain of scary films), but nevertheless there are still reported incidents from around the world of unwanted creatures turning up in people’s bathrooms.

So what are some of the more notable tales from around the world? Luckily, many of the scarier examples here are from countries in which these animals are prevalent, so shouldn’t worry us here in the UK!


Australia is famed for its varied collection of serpents, so it’s no surprise that this is where the majority of snakes-in-the-toilet stories originate. The three metre python discovered in the pipework of one Queensland home last year was not the only one found during that period, with many pointing to an extended dry season as the reason so many snakes were seeking out the damp conditions of drains.


Lizards are another pipework pest found in the hotter regions of the world, often entering drains on the hunt for crickets and other insects that make up its primary diet. While many are largely harmless to humans, there are one or two, such as the large Teju discovered in the toilet of one Norwegian home a few years ago, which could have caused a bit of a problem if allowed to bite. This animal of South American descent was thought to be an escaped pet, as the cold Scandinavian climate was certainly not its natural habitat.


While scary and potentially dangerous creepy crawlies are thankfully in short supply in the UK, there are still creatures that become trapped within drains and pipework which will need the help of professionals to remove. Public enemy number one in this respect is the rat. Known for their love of dark, dank places, rats can easily find a way into damaged or uncovered drains, and can cause untold mischief once inside.

Able to tread water for a staggering 72 hours, rats are able to survive in home drainage systems for a long time, and their infamous ability to chew through just about anything could see some costly repair bills if they are not taken care of as soon as possible.

Luckily, unlike with other, rarer animal intruders, there are experts on hand to locate and eradicate any rat infestations discovered in drains, identifying the source of the problem and eradicating the rodents before they have a chance to cause costly damage.

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