CCTV Drain Inspections – Do I Really Need One?

CCTV drain survey in progress

Why Bother with a Domestic Drainage Survey?

A blocked drain can be a real domestic nightmare that can interrupt the smooth running of your home and present all sorts of health hazards.

Unfortunately, drains can become blocked as a result of a whole host of different reasons, and all too often those reasons are only revealed when a problem occurs. However, much can be done to prevent costly and time-wasting blockages from forming to begin with, and an annual survey is just the thing to nip potential problems in the bud.

Modern technology has advanced greatly over the years and the plumbing business has seen its fair share of advantages. Traditional methods resulting in expensive excavation and long hours of labour spent locating and identifying problems have long since been replaced with more cost efficient and reliable remedies.

Who Has a Drain Survey Conducted?

Domestic drain survey

When it comes to most residential home owners, regular checks on drainage systems are becoming more and more popular because systematic maintenance can identify problem areas very quickly. This in turn can prevent major ones from becoming an issue in the future.

When it comes to buying and selling properties, a professional drain inspection can mean the difference between shelling out thousands of pounds on unplanned maintenance projects, and the peace of mind of knowing that you’re drainage system is in good condition.

Nobody wants to have to face an emergency blocked drain, or worse still, an overflow in your home, so a thorough inspection using the latest CCTV surveying method is an ideal way to eradicate any potential disasters.

What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

CCTV, or closed circuit television, is recognisable to most people as a security feature, however it has become an invaluable tool when it comes to drain inspections thanks to its versatility and accuracy.

A plumber who uses the CCTV method of detection lowers the camera into the piping system where it can take a good look into the networks not visible from the surface without excavation. The images captured by the cameras are then delivered to the plumber on a TV screen in another location.

This is particularly useful to homeowners who suspect a blockage, or property developers who simply want to make sure that the drainage system is in a good condition before they make an investment.

The drain surveyor has the advantage of being able to manipulate the camera device in any direction to assess the condition of the drainage system and identify any areas that may require repairs or maintenance before a more costly problem develops.

It can also be used if a blockage or other issue is already affecting the performance of a drainage system, allowing the plumber to identify the location and cause of any problems.

For homeowners who are unsure as to where or how a blockage has occurred, and whose responsibility it is to fix it, a CCTV drain survey may prove invaluable as it clearly shows the cause of a blockage. It will also provide relevant information and evidence to help determine where (and with whom) the responsibility lies.

What are the Other Benefits of a CCTV Drain Inspection?

In the past, a blocked drain may have resulted in a multitude of visits from a plumbing business. Without being able to identify the cause of a blockage, and by concentrating only on the blockage itself, the homeowner was forced to call the plumber time and time again as the original problem remained unresolved.

Solutions such as using a chemical cleaning component to shift obstructive matter were often ineffective because the attempts to unblock drains became the primary focus of the job in hand.

However, CCTV can get to the root of the problem almost immediately and when employed on a regular basis, it can detect and prevent further blockages from occurring again. Anyone can appreciate the unnecessary expense involved when repeated visits from a plumber becomes essential. It makes sense then to avoid all the hassle by ensuring regular annual maintenance is carried out on all major drainage systems, whether they are presenting problems or not.

By employing the CCTV technique, a correct diagnosis and a subsequent viable solution is now possible without the need to excavate the area and expose the drainage pipe, which can be costly and as well as disruptive to your family and home.  

Express Drainage Surveys

For more information on the benefits of regular CCTV drainage inspections, simply contact the team at Express Drainage Surveys. Whether you need expert assistance with a blockage, or you want to check the condition of your drainage system, we have the expert team to help.