Is There a Best Time for a Drainage Survey?

CCTV drain survey screen showing drains

At some point in its lifespan, your drainage system is going to encounter issues (we hate to break it to you!). These issues might be small scale, or they could be major issues that lead to complete failure, but the way to stay on top of these faults is universal: regular drainage surveys. One question remains, though: is there a perfect time to get your drainage surveyed or does it vary between each system?


Arranging a drainage survey in spring is a popular choice, with the warmer weather presenting fewer issues and obstacles to the drainage work itself. It’s also often easier to arrange drainage services in the warmer months, as it’s traditionally a less-busy time for drainage companies.


Compared to winter, drainage work is much cheaper in the summer due to the ever-reliable concept of ‘supply and demand’. In colder months, drains typically experience more issues – blockages, freezing and cracking, and even flooding in areas that fall victim to excessive rainfall. In summer, though, there’s less demand for drainage work, there’s less scope for increased prices – unless you need emergency work.

In summer, when the heat picks up, there’s an increased chance of smelly drains – this can be deeply unpleasant if left untreated, and at worst it can develop into a healthy and safety hazard. For the comfort and safety of those within your property, a summer drain survey can be of great significance.

A potential added bonus of having drainage work done in the summer is that you may be able to leave your property and entertain yourself in the sunshine whilst work is carried out, should the survey find that your drain needs remedial work – no need to stay at home with no water whilst the engineers attend to your system. This can be particularly helpful if the work takes place in the summer holidays and you have children – they’ll need to be entertained and it’s a good excuse to get them out of the house!


Falling leaves might be a pretty sight at the best of times, but they can also be a nuisance when it comes to drains, as they block them in numbers, causing potentially serious issues, including flooding. It can also help to get your drains checked out before the winter rush, when drainage services experience their highest demand.


There’s something of a conundrum when including winter in the ‘best’ times for drainage surveys. Winter is the time of year when drainage issues are most common, so it’s more likely that you’ll need a survey during this time than any other. However, that’s also true for everyone else in the country, so there’s probably going to be a much higher demand for your local drainage company’s services – that also means that the prices of said company could increase, too.

Why have a drainage survey?

While certain times of year may be more preferable for drain surveys than others when using certain parameters, there’s an overriding factor that should be considered the number one rule: always be proactive when arranging drainage surveys.

The capacity of drainage firms at certain times of the year makes it all the more beneficial that you arrange a survey ahead of time, rather than waiting for something to go wrong before taking action. Plenty of drainage companies offer scheduled maintenance services – you can arrange regular visits from a qualified engineer for the inspection of your drains, which means issues are likely to be caught before they cause real problems.

Waiting until a problem makes itself known or reaches critical status, you risk a number of consequences, including but not limited to:

  • Increased expense – emergency call outs tend to cost more, and serious issues will require greater labour, more materials and larger-scale work to rectify, which will also increase the amount you can expect to pay.
  • Damage – if left unchecked, drainage issues can end up causing serious damage to your property, and even put health and lives at risk. Leaking pipes can burst, which can flood homes, potentially causing irreversible damage.
  • Forced absence – if the damage is severe enough, it might require works on a huge scale, which could mean that you need to find temporary accommodation whilst the work is carried out.

Ensuring that your drains are in safe working order might not be something you think about on a regular basis. However, by being proactive with the arranging of a drain survey, you can greatly reduce the risk of faults developing with your drain.

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