Construction considerations for drainage systems

If you’re considering a building project, whether that’s an extension to your home or a new property entirely, the list of  things to consider can seem endless. One such thing that many don’t give much thought to is the installation or upgrade of the drainage systems servicing the new building. Often times, such systems are mandatory and so Read More »

Is There a Best Time for a Drainage Survey?

At some point in its lifespan, your drainage system is going to encounter issues (we hate to break it to you!). These issues might be small scale, or they could be major issues that lead to complete failure, but the way to stay on top of these faults is universal: regular drainage surveys. One question Read More »

Drainage Terminology Explained

For many people, drains are rarely thought about in detail, if at all, until they encounter an issue. The parts we can see – the pipes and the grates – might be all we ever notice about them, but drainage is a complex system with a lot of variables. Below we break down some of the Read More »

Identifying Pitch Fibre Pipes

For people who don’t work in the industry, knowing what function different types of pipes  carry out at  our properties is unlikely – to many, they’re just a way of carrying  our water and waste away from the premises. However, plumbing systems are in reality sophisticated networks that play a crucial role in maintaining clean, Read More »

Are London’s rodent worries rat-ional?

Rats live in every city, most of the time out of sight, with the stereotypical view of a rat being something that lives in the sewers, occasionally scuttling down a road at night. However, while the saying “you’re never more than six feet away from a rat” might be something of an exaggeration, there’s certainly Read More »

Identifying Lead Pipes

Before more modern practices came into play in the 1970s, many houses were constructed using lead pipes for their plumbing. While this method served countless homes across the decades in terms of structural integrity and plumbing efficiency, lead pipes have since been surpassed by other materials, and their presence in homes has presented a cause Read More »