Drainage Terminology Explained

For many people, drains are rarely thought about in detail, if at all, until they encounter an issue. The parts we can see – the pipes and the grates – might be all we ever notice about them, but drainage is a complex system with a lot of variables. Below we break down some of the Read More »

Identifying Lead Pipes

Before more modern practices came into play in the 1970s, many houses were constructed using lead pipes for their plumbing. While this method served countless homes across the decades in terms of structural integrity and plumbing efficiency, lead pipes have since been surpassed by other materials, and their presence in homes has presented a cause Read More »

Think Before Your Flush

For most people, it’s not very often that we think or worry about what we’re putting down our drains or flushing down our toilets. It’s only when something goes wrong that we consider whether or not we’ve put something in our drains that’s not supposed to be there, but if we took proactive, rather than Read More »

Drainage Smells Cause Summer Hell

Unfortunately, drainage smells can be very common and they can be very unpleasant. Fortunately, they’re not permanent and they’re easy to prevent and resolve. In this piece, we’re going to look at what causes drain smells and how you can remove them from your property. First of all, it’s important to realise that the longer Read More »

Drainage Issues & Insurance Claims

Running throughout our homes and businesses, transporting water and waste frequently each day, drains are a key part of our properties. Unfortunately, they’re not invincible, and they will encounter a problem or two at some point in their useful life. What’s important is how quickly drain problems can be resolved, how they are rectifiable and Read More »

Is a Drain Survey Possible Without a Manhole?

Manholes are an integral part of a drainage system that give clear access points to the underground piping, allowing CCTV surveys to be carried out above ground so that the condition of the pipes can be inspected without the need for intrusive excavation work, but what happens if you don’t have a manhole? We’ve put together Read More »